Conventional Financing Facilities


Credit Enhancement Instruments – Identify products/structure to improve rating or credit viability of project financing e.g. BG, Equity credit facilities, ICULs, Standby RC etc.


Capital Market Instruments (including Asset-backed Securities and Collaterised Credit facilities Obligations)

Book Building and Placement of Debt and Capital Issues - Sale of stocks, bonds or other instruments directly to institutional investors.


Corporate Finance & Advisory Services

Agent Bank – The Bank that leads and documents a syndicated Loan, selling participation to others.

Project Agent - Appointed by the lenders to monitor project implementation so as to comply with covenants under the financing document.

Facility Agent - Appointed by the lenders to manage the credit facility so as to comply with financial covenants under the financing document, i.e., drawdown, collection, etc.

General Terms & Conditions

Oil & Gas