Technology Terms & Conditions

The Financing


1 Purpose of financing

To finance the acquisition of land, building, machinery and equipment and working capital.


2 Margin of financing

New : Maximum 85% of purchase price.


Secondhand : Maximum 65% of purchase price or market value.

3 Tenure of Loan

Maximum loan period up to 15 years, inclusive of maximum grace period of 3 years.

4 Interest rate

Base Lending Rate (BLR) + 2.7% (maximum)

5 Security (may include but not limited to the following)

  • A first charge on the items financed.

  • Fixed and floating charge on all assets of the company.

  • Personal / Corporate Guarantee.

  • Any other security deemed necessary.

Financing Amount

  • Minimum : RM 1.0 million

  • Maximum : Up to Single Customer Limit (SCL)

Eligibility Criteria


The applicant must be majority-owned by Malaysians (at least 51%) and registered in Malaysia, involved in the capital-intensive high technology and environmental activities.