Infrastructure Terms & Conditions

The Financing


1 The Purpose of Financing

To support the development of infrastructure projects in various sub-sectors such as transportation, regional development, utilities and amenities.

2 Margin of financing

Maximum 80% of project cost.

3 Tenure of Loan

Maximum of 20 years, excluding a maximum grace period of 5 years.

4 Interest rate

Base Lending Rate (BLR) + 2.7% (maximum).

5 Security

  • First fixed charge on the items financed.

  • Fixed and floating charge on all assets of the company.

  • Guarantee by shareholders/directors/corporate.

  • Assignment of project contracts and insurance benefits.

  • Assignment over specific accounts.

  • Any other security deemed necessary.

Financing Amount

  • Minimum : RM 10.0 million (for infrastructure projects).

  • Maximum : Up to Single Customer Limit (SCL).

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be majority-owned by Malaysians (at least 51%) and registered in Malaysia.

  • Project must be of national strategic importance (Project Financing) and located in Malaysia.

  • Company must be awarded projects by Federal (or other Authorities and highly rated companies) as agreed by the Bank from time to time (Contract Financing).