Facilitation Fund

  Facilitation Fund
Scope of the Fund
  • Support from the Government will be provided in the form of grant or conditional adjustable grant as a tipping point to bridge project viability gap.
  • Funds shall be utilised towards financing basic infrastructure (access roads, bridges etc.) and land acquisition for highways.
  • Distribution of the Fund will be made on reimbursable basis or progressive payment.
Fund Size RM20.0 billion.
  • Malaysian incorporated company that have the necessary skills/capacity to undertake the project.
  • Must have a strong financial position and ability to obtain commercial financing for the project.
Eligibility of Project

Key characteristics of project to be considered for Facilitation Fund:

  • Projects with high impact and high multiplier effects towards the economic development.
  • Potential to create sustainable job opportunities especially at management and professional level.
  • Potential to contribute towards the country’s economic competitiveness.
  • Project shall be technically feasible and commercially viable on a standalone basis.
  • Value of the project is more than RM100.0 million.
  • Projects that are in line with the nation’s Five Year Development Plan.
Ineligible Projects
  • Projects in the financial/banking sector;
  • Projects in incubator or R&D stage;
  • Mergers and acquisitions; and/or
  • Projects that have received Government funding.
  • Government procurement projects;
  • Investment in foreign countries;
  • Projects that are highly dependent on Government support; and/or
  • Projects whereby the Government needs to bear a significant portion of the risk.
Funding Limits Shall not exceed 10% of the total project cost. Higher assistance can be offered based on public interest or its impact towards the economy.
Financing Documents The Facility shall be evidenced by:
  • Facilitation Fund Agreement (between UKAS, BPMB and the Client).
  • Management Agreement (between UKAS and BPMB).
Other Documents / Conditions Precedents
  • A copy of the letter of offer and other relevant documents evidencing that the Client has secured the balance of the project financing in respect of the Project to the satisfaction of BPMB in consultation with the Government;
  • A copy of relevant documents evidencing that the issued and paid-up ordinary share capital of the Client is at least equal to the Fund’s amount requested;
  • A copy of the Company's Directors’ resolution to accept the Fund;
  • A copy of the duly executed undertaking by the Client and its directors that they have not committed any act of bribery for the purpose of getting the Government’s approval for the Fund;
  • A copy of the Company’s Statutory Declaration declaring that all information given to the Government and BPMB is accurate;
  • Relevant approvals/licenses required for the Project; and/or
  • Any other conditions precedent as may be determined.