Fees and Charges

Note: Fee charged to Corporate/Small and Medium-Size Enterprise (SME) Clients shall be in accordance with the applicable guidelines issued by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Minimum of 0.25% of the facility amount, unless exempted / reduced / varied by the Approving Authority.


  1. i) The calculation of processing fee shall exclude the financing amount of profit during grace period (during moratorium or part payment of profit).
  2. ii) Processing fee is exempted for cases where the fund provider has imposed that no processing fee is to be charged when utilizing its fund.
  3. iii) The earnest deposit shall not be imposed on Client.
  4. iv) The mode of payment for the processing fee will be determined on a case-to-case basis.
(a) Variation of Facility Terms and Conditions Minimum of RM10,000.00 per request
(charged upon approval)
(b) Restructuring / Rescheduling of Facility Minimum of RM10,000.00 per request
(charged upon approval)
(c) Cheque Returned RM100.00 per cheque returned

Note: The variation may include, but not limited to changes in specified machinery and equipment, reduction in facility amount, extension of period for execution of facility documents, extension of time for fulfillment of conditions precedent, extension of the availability period.

(a) Transaction Fee RM10.00 per RM1,000,000.00 or any other rate as charged by appointed commodity supplier.

(b) Wakalah Fee (Principal Agent / Sub-Agent)

(only applicable Syndicated Financing or Club deals for non-SME)

RM5,000.00 to be charged to Muwakkil (Principal)

For cases where Syndicated Bank or any other party that appoints BPMB as either (i) an agent to purchase the commodity from commodity supplier and / or (ii) a sub-agent to sell the commodity to the commodity supplier.

Note: The quoted transaction fee to the Client shall be in absolute amount (based on the approved financing amount) and the remaining balance if any, after taking account the actual disbursement made, is not refundable to the Client.

Applicable for the issuance of LC by BPMB’s banker on behalf of BPMB’s Client:

(a) Issuance of LC 0.10% per month on the LC amount or minimum of RM100.00
(to be paid in advance prior to issuance of LC)
(b) LC Processing Fee RM100.00
(to be paid in advance prior to issuance of LC)
(c) Utilization Fee (for FOREX) RM100.00
(to be paid in advance prior to issuance of LC)
(d) LC Amendments of Terms RM50.00 per request
(e) Issuance of Shipping Guarantee

0.20% per month on the amount of Shipping Guarantee for the period of 3 months or a minimum of RM10.00.

An additional 0.10% per annum, if the Shipping Guarantee is not returned to the Bank after 3 months.

(f) Other administration / incidental cost for LC As charged by the Issuing Bank

1.50 % per annum or 0.125% per month on the guaranteed amount for the guaranteed tenure (payable in advance), unless varied by the Approving Authority

(a) Late Payment Charges / Compensation Charge (Ta’widh)

1.00% per annum on the overdue instalment during the tenure of the facility; and/or

1.00% per annum or at the prevailing daily overnight of Islamic Interbank Money Market (IIMM) Rates whichever is lower or other rate that Bank Negara Malaysia may specify against the outstanding selling price (subject to Ibra’ if applicable) if the overdue payment continues beyond the maturity date of the facility.

(b) Compensation Charge (Ta’widh) on Advance Payment 1.00% per annum or other rate that Bank Negara Malaysia may specify against the amount due, commencing from the next day after 1 day of grace period until full payment of such amount is made.
(c) Penalty (Gharamah) 0.00% per annum

Fee for payment made in advance for third party fees such as Legal Fees, Independent Checking Engineer Fees, Takaful / Insurance Contribution / Premium, Letter of Credit Fee to Issuer Bank, Quit Rent and other fees.

(a) Project Agent Fee Up to RM70,000.00 per annum
(b) Facility Agent Fee Up to RM70,000.00 per annum.
(c) Security Agent Fee Up to RM70,000.00 per annum
(d) Participation Fee Based on the amount quoted by Facility Agent.
(e) Principal Advisor / Lead Arrange Fee Denominated by a certain percentage* of the amount of the PDS issuance
(f) Underwriting Fee Calculated based on a certain percentage* of the amount underwritten
(g) Bought-Deal Fee Calculated based on a certain percentage* of the total issue size

*Note: The fees are subject to negotiations of the relevant parties.

As per the Stamp Duty Act 1949 (Revised 1989)

As per Solicitor’s Remuneration Order including fees for registration of charge, land search, bankruptcy search, taxes and other charges as per the scale fees charged by the Solicitors (where applicable)

The following fees / Ujrah will not be imposed to clients:

  1. (a) Prepayment Fee
  2. (b) Account Statement Fee
  3. (c) Audit Confirmation Fee
  4. (d) Account Statement Fee for Redemption (Redemption Fee)
  5. (e) Disbursement Fee for Murabahah / Dayn
  6. (f) Collection Fee Murabahah / Dayn
  7. (g) Yearly Review Fee
  8. (h) Referral Fee
  9. (i) Confirm Purchase Order (CPO) Fee