Corporate Responsibility


BPMB believes in giving back to the community it operates in. The Bank is also committed to sustainable development of the community and practicing good ethical conduct in its business dealings to create a harmonious business environment by engaging and communicating with its community through CR initiatives.

BPMB ‘s initiatives aim to provide and enhance societal value and support nation-building objectives.It is BPMB’s aspiration that society can enjoy both the tangible and intangible benefits from its CSR initiatives.

The Bank’s CR initiatives will not be limited to the provision of funds, services and assistance to the community, but will also be extended to cover the workplace, marketplace and environment.

The Bank considers its Corporate Responsibility (CR) initiatives as a new dimension in strategic management to positively contribute to the success of the Bank’s businesses. It is a way for the Bank to strive for balance between economic, environmental and societal performance.

The Bank also believes that CR will also increase brand loyalty, increase brand penetration, inculcate active participation from the stakeholders, sense of pride, commitment and Ukhwah among its employees.

In its aspiration to be in the CR league, BPMB will:


Implement the CR initiatives, which will give a clear societal and environmental impact to the Bank’s stakeholders.


Implement CR initiatives that encourage stakeholders’ engagement in its value proposition and engage issues that have relevance to the sustainability of the Bank’s business environment.


Treat CR initiatives as a communication tool to reinforce its corporate citizen efforts in building positive public perception, influence opinions and actions.


Communicate positive influence, opinions and actions for the Bank’s nation building mission in integrating, educating and empowering the public.


Assists in creating a new high performance culture by ensuring the employees have the information to win, understand the marketplace and industry, execute and operates at peak efficiency in a competitive environment.


Reinforced the Bank corporate citizen image through public perception building programme by positioning its qualities and characteristics that differentiate BPMB from its competitors.


The policy will cover the four focal areas of CR initiatives and practices, which are the Community, the Environment, the Workplace and the Marketplace.

The Bank will also plan and initiate a Flagship CR Initiative, which must be inter-dependent and inter-related between the four focal areas. In implementing this Flagship initiative, the Group Corporate Communications will be working closely with the related departments and subsidiaries to achieve the desirable outcome and objectives.

Four (4) local areas of CR initiatives are:

Community Environment
Workplace Marketplace