Public Transport Fund (PTF 2.0)

  Public Transport Fund (PTF 2.0)
Objective To increase the utilization of public transport by funding the improvements and growth of public transport coverage and services
  • To finance the purchase of vehicles i.e. taxi, bus and other types of public transport
  • To part finance related public transport infrastructure to improve services of operators and public convenience 
Fund Size RM500.0 million
Availability 1 January 2020 until 31 December 2020
Target Sector
  • Bus operator
  • Taxi and Train/rail operators
  • Other means of public transports
  • Suppliers/manufacturers or assemblers of public transport vehicles/trains
  • Contractors or developers of the public transport infrastructure
  • Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited, Public Company and Co-operatives.
  • Must be registered in Malaysia
  • Majority-owned by Malaysian
Facility Offered
  • Term financing for acquisition of related equipment, materials and assets
Financing Purpose
  • For capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX)
Financing Tenure
  • Up to 9 years
Margin Of Financing
  • Up to 80%
Financing Amount
  • Subject to BPMB's evaluation and credit policies
  • As guidance,the fund available per customer may be determined based on the following categories:
    1. Taxi/bus : Up to RM50 million
    2. Coach/train : Up to RM100 million
    3. Development of infrastructure : RM100 million
  • The above may vary subject to the Bank’s credit assessment.
Margin Of Financing
  • Government : COF + Margin – Subsidy of 2%
  • Commercial: BFR + Margin – Subsidy of 2%
  • Margin is up to 2% per annum. Effective rate is subject to the approving authority of BPMB
Profit Subsidy
  • 2% per annum
Credit Related Matters
  • Subject to BPMB’s credit approval processes