In conjunction with BPMB’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team together with ALAM and MIND & Sustainability (MIND) organised a talk on 14 August 2023 at SMK Padang Tembak; one of BPMB’s adopted schools under its Supporting English Empowerment to Drive Sustainability or SEEDS Programme.


Puan Sainursalwa Sani, BPMB's Chief Human Resources Officer, who graced the occasion gave an impactful speech and initiated an enlightening conversation titled "The Talk on Sustainability and Environmental Awareness."


Kicking off the session, ALAM ignited curiosity by shedding light on its vibrant activities, capturing the students' attention. The documentary "Sampah Melata, Alam Merana" followed suit, revealing the stark reality of plastic pollution and kindling a collective sense of responsibility among the students. Students showed undivided attention on the concerning daily plastic use effect to the earth and enthusiasm in contributing better solutions.


The MIND team then introduced the students to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through interactive engagement, they unveiled the Sustainability Action Card Game—a platform for students to apply their newfound knowledge and share perspectives on fostering sustainability and environmental care. The MIND facilitators' dynamic approach ensured the students grasped the SDGs comprehensively.

Closing this impactful endeavor, we witnessed a notable outcome—students at SMK Padang Tembak now stand more attuned to the principles of sustainability and the vital importance of safeguarding our environment. This achievement marks a significant step in their journey, empowering them to contribute actively and inspire broader efforts toward a more sustainable and promising future.