Oil & Gas Application Checklist

List Of Information / Documents

Common Checklist

Download Contract Finance Application Checklist here


  • Letter of application from the applicant (to state the loan amount applied and the purpose of financing).

Company And Management Profiles

  • Background of company including the brief history, commencement of business, principal activities, number of employees, business plan etc.
  • Latest shareholding structure.
  • Profile of Shareholders.
  • Profile of Board of Directors
  • Profile of Key Management Personnel.
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A).
  • Latest Forms 24, 49, 9, 13 and 44 under the Companies Act 1965, latest annual returns and photocopy of NRIC of Directors.
  • Detailed list of completed projects (where applicable).
  • Detailed list of on-going projects (where applicable).

Financial Information

  • Audited Account for the past three (3) years.
  • Draft Audited Account for current year (where applicable).
  • Latest Management Accounts.

Existing Banking Facilities

  • Details of existing bank borrowings, incorporating name of financial institution, facilities, salient term, securities and latest balance outstanding.
  • Copies of Loan Agreements/Letter Offer.
  • Collateral/Security Sharing Agreements.
  • Latest 6 months current account statements for all banks accounts.
  • Latest 6 months statements for all loan/hire purchase/lease accounts.

Other Documents

  • Full valuation report on project land / asset / machinery / equipment / second hand vessel (where applicable).
  • Details and status of the land and copy of land title (where applicable).
  • Declaration form (DFIA 2002, Section 28) to be signed by individual director/individual shareholder/guarantor in the presence of Commissioner of Oath.
  • Personal Networth Statement to be filled in by individual guarantor.
  • Statutory documents and information of corporate guarantors (where applicable)
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association, Latest Forms 24, 49, 9, 13 and 44 under the Companies Act 1965, latest annual returns and photocopy of NRIC of Directors.
  • Company and Management Profile.
  • Financial Information i.e Audited Accounts for the past three years and Latest Management Accounts
  • Existing banking facilities with other Financial Institutions.
  • Any other relevant information related to the proposal (company / securities / guarantor / project etc).

Specific Checklist

Oil & Gas Project

  • Project description.
  • All relevant letters of approval / licenses from relevant Authorities.
  • Specification of M&E and quotations.
  • Profiles of Contractor/Consultant/ Shipbuilder/Shipyard/ Naval Architect.
  • Full specifications/particulars of vessel with Class Approved General Arrangement Drawings.
  • Layout Plan/Construction drawings/Technical Specifications/Approved Drawings for construction/shipyard/marine related, copy of bill of quantities/tender summary report, copy of the building contract agreement.
  • Shareholders/Joint Venture Agreements.
  • Charter Party Agreement (where available).
  • Letter of Awards/Intent (where available).
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement/ Memorandum of Agreement for purchase of secondhand vessel and Pre Purchase Survey Report or valuation report (if any).
  • Comments on Industry and Competitive Environment.
  • Shipbuilding Contract.
  • Market/Demand Studies.
  • Bank Guarantees format (if available).
  • Trade debtors and creditors ageing list.