BPMB presented its sponsorship contribution of RM325,591 to the OrphanCare Foundation's Birth Mothers’ Support Programme. Group Head, Shariah Management, Pn Noor Ain Mohd Amin presented a mock check to Yayasan OrphanCare Board of Trustees member, Dato' Aminah Abdul Rahman during the donation ceremony held last Friday, 14 July 2023.


This contribution, under the BPMB Zakat Fund will help the OrphanCare Foundation address the issues faced by single mothers, by providing support, and if necessary, placing their children under the care of an able family.


BPMB's sponsorship contribution will be used to fund the OrphanCare Foundation's Birth Mothers’ Support Programme for one year, to provide support for 12 low-income and at-risk new mothers, including pre- and post-natal care, medical care, psychosocial care and counselling, as well as living costs.


Let's continue to play our social role by establishing smart collaboration with related parties in providing impactful financial support to targeted beneficiaries.