Maritime & Logistics Fund (MLF 2.0)

  Maritime & Logistics Fund (MLF 2.0)
Objective To provide financial assistance to existing and new companies dealing with or involved in maritime related activities and services.

(a) To finance the acquisition of all type of brand new/second hand vessels or aircraft;

(b) To finance the acquisition of land, construction of shipyard/hangar infrastructure and its related machinery and equipment;

(c) To finance the acquisition of land, construction of building, plant and machinery of port, bonded warehouse, port yard and haulage for maritime activities and aerospace activities;

(d) To finance oil & gas related activities and services;

(e) To finance the asset acquisition for logistic services inlcuding warehouse, vehicles and related equipment;

(f) To part finance working capital requirements.

Fund Size RM 1.5 billion
Availability 1 January 2019 until 31 December 2021
Target Sector
  • Shipping and shipyard companies;
  • Companies that are involved in marine and oil & gas related activities and services; and
  • Logistic related services
  • Private Limited, Public Company And Cooperatives;
  • Majority-Owned by Malaysians (At Least 51%) and registered in Malaysia
Facility Offered
  • Term financing and revolving facility is allowed.  However, subsidy is only granted for term financing.
Financing Purpose
  • For capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX) purposes
Financing Tenure
  • CAPEX : up to 12 years
  • OPEX : up to 5 years
Margin Of Financing
  • Up to 90%
Financing Amount
  • Subject to BPMB's evaluation and credit policies
  • As guidance,the fund available per customer may be determined based on the following categories:
    1. Asset acquisition : up to RM100mil
  • The above may vary subject to the Bank’s credit assessment.
Financing Rate 4.0% - 5.5% per annum
Profit Subsidy 1.75% per annum
Credit Related Matters Subject to BPMB’s credit approval processes.