Bank Guarantee-i

Bank Guarantee-i* is a written undertaking by the Bank to a third party to secure an obligation by the customer. The Bank provides assurances to pay certain sum of amount upon demand by the third party, in the event the customer fails to fulfil their obligation.


Key Features

Type of Bank Guarantee-i
  • Financial Guarantee
  • Non-Financial Guarantee
Disbursement Tenure
  • Up to the period of the project requirement with the option to extend the guarantee period.
Shariah Concept
  • Kafalah
Claim Period
(optional feature)
  • Serves as additional period for beneficiary to claim from BPMB after maturity of the guarantee period.
  • Customer is required to reimburse the claimed BG-i facility amount by the next day (T+1) the payment is being released to the Beneficiary.
Fees and Charges

*Financing on standalone basis is not allowed. Facility to be offered with other facility, for asset financing and working capital financing purpose.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The final approval on the financing granted is subject to the Bank’s credit assessments and discretion.