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Money Market


Money market is a component of the financial markets for assets involved in short-term borrowing and lending with original maturities of one year or shorter time frames.


Money market instruments

  • Short-term money market instruments

    • Conventional FD

    • Tawarruq Deposit
  • Fixed income

Fixed Deposit


Money Market Deposit


Money Market Deposit is an interest-bearing deposit account at a specified rate of returns with the principal and interest payable upon maturity.


Tawarruq Deposit (Based on Tawarruq principle)


Tawarruq Deposit is an investment deposit product based on the Bai’ Tawarruq. BPMB shall solicit deposits from depositors/investors and this Islamic fund shall be utilized for financing purposes or other investment, which are Shariah compliant.


TWD is a sale of an asset to a purchaser with deferred payment either based on Musawamah or Murabahah concept. The purchaser then sells the asset to the third party on cash basis.




To cater the fixed return for depositor


To cater the structured deposit (payment of profit and investment)


Underlying Asset:


Crude palm oil or such other Shariah compliant commodities from suppliers registered in commodity market identified by BSAS.


Deposit Size :


Minimum : RM500,000.00 (equivalent to BPMB’s selling price to BSAS).


Trading Fees :


RM15.00 for every RM1 million on pro-rate basis and minimum transaction of RM10,000 and fee RM0.15, and maximum of RM500 million and fee RM7,500.00;

* Trading fees to Bursa Suq Al-Sila’ (Borne by the BPMB)

* Delivery charges (if any) are actual fee imposed by supplier.




Minimum: Overnight

Maximum: 60 months


Pre-Mature Upliftment/Withdrawal:


Rebate (Ibra’) on unearned profit will be given to the BPMB.