Maritime Fund

  Maritime Fund
  • To finance the acquisition of vessels;
  • To finance the acquisition of land, construction of shipyard infrastructure and its related machinery and equipment;
  • To finance the acquisition of land, construction of building, plant and machinery of port, bonded warehouse, port yard and haulage for maritime activities;
  • To finance oil & gas related activities and services; and/or
  • To part finance working capital requirements.


  1. (Applicable for MDF only) Refinancing of existing BPMB facilities for maritime sector , based on 2.0 – 4.0% p.a. is allowed from 1 Jan 2017 – 31 Dec 2018 on a case-to-case basis and will subject to BPMB’s internal guidelines
  2. (Applicable for MDF only) Aerospace sector to be included in MDF from Jan 2017 onwards.
Fund Size RM4.5 billion.
Fixed Financing Rate (p.a.) 4.0% - 5.75%.
Margin of Financing Up to 90%.
Maximum Tenure
  • Maximum 12 years (inclusive of 2 years grace period).
  • Age of vessel must not exceed 20 years at the end of payment period for secondhand vessels.
Financing Limit
  • Minimum: Acquisition of fixed assets: RM5.0 million. Working capital: RM1.0 million.
  • Maximum: RM500.0 million.
  • Corporate Guarantee/Shareholders Guarantee/Directors Guarantee;
  • Debenture over fixed and floating assets; and/or
  • Other security as advised by solicitors.
  • Private Limited, Public Company and Cooperatives.
  • Applicants must be Malaysian-owned (at least 51%).
Target Group
  • Shipping and shipyard companies.
  • Companies that are involved in marine and oil & gas related activities and services.