Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS)

  Producer/User of Green Tech
  • To finance investments in production of green technology
  • To finance capital expenditure:-
    • Purchasing of new and re-conditioned equipment;
    • Transportation cost can be included in the financing amount for purchase of equipment from local or overseas supplier.
  • Working capital up to max. of RM5.0 million and up to 5 years
Fund Size RM3.5 billion.
Financing Size
  • Producer: Up to RM100.0 million
  • User: Up to RM 10.0 million
Financing Rate COF or BFR + Margin to be determined – 2%
Government subsidy of 2% from the total profit rate charged.
Maximum Tenure
  • Producer: Up to 15 years
  • User: Up to 10 years
Eligibility Min. 51% Malaysian shareholding.
Mandatory Guarantee Guarantee from Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC) for 60% of financing amount (Guarantee Fee of 0.50% p.a. is applicable).
Eligibility (Project)
  • Only eligible for new project, retrofitting or expansion that incorporates Green Technology which have not been funded.
  • Applications for projects which are already underway or completed can not be accepted.
  • Projects must be located within Malaysia, utilising local or imported technology.